Why Am I Having Weird Dreams While Pregnant

If you are pregnant, it’s essential to be aware of the possible changes. You may already understand your body is going to go through some physical changes. These changes, connected with changes in hormone levels, comfort levels, and sleep patterns, can affect you emotionally and psychologically. Pregnancy dreams are also a part of these changes. Some pregnant women have stated having a difference in their dream state during sleep due to pregnancy.

What are Pregnancy Dreams?

While it will differ from woman to woman, there are some regular changes that most women report if their dreams change during pregnancy.

Possible Causes of Pregnancy Dreams

As I mentioned earlier, your body is going through multiple changes during pregnancy, and your emotional, physical, and mental states are all connected. While pregnancy dreams remain a mystery, there are many potential causes of why this change in dream patterns happens.

As I mentioned earlier, your body is going through multiple
changes during pregnancy, and your emotional, physical, and mental states are
all connected. While pregnancy dreams remain a mystery, there are many
potential causes of why this change in dream patterns happens.

Another cause is the disruption in your usual sleep pattern. When you are unable to take a proper sleep schedule or wake up more often in the night, because of discomfort or the urge to urinate more often, this will affect your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. 

It is when REM sleep that dreams occur, and when the regularity or length of REM sleep is irregular or frequently interrupted throughout the night, it can affect how much you dream while you are pregnant. It can also harm your ability to remember your dream, which could indicate dreaming more intense dreams.

With pregnancy, you can get yourself under more stress or anxiety than you are usually doing, which could lead to more vivid dreams or nightmares.

What do weird dreams during pregnancy mean?

The range of dreams during pregnancy runs from meeting up with old partners to having a spouse leave to being surrounded by baby animals to vivid sex dreams. Many fear-based dreams include the baby, such as not getting enough milk, losing the baby, or not being able to locate the baby.

Your weird dreams during pregnancy are not prophecies for events, nor do they indicate that anything else is wrong. The dreams can mean you’re bonding with your child or processing some anxieties related to the massive life change of welcoming a child.


“Sleeping while pregnant causes a dream that often reflects a woman’s pressing concerns, which change with the stages of pregnancy,” This means your dreams may change over the trimesters, taking your possible worries at each stage. Toward the end of pregnancy, you may have bad dreams about a delivery, your child being hurt, and upsetting dreams about your career or partner.

Can I stop weird pregnancy dreams?

Placing an end to upsetting dreams will be difficult. You may be capable of reducing their recurrence by talking to your doctor or therapist about your worries, anxieties, and issues regarding pregnancy and motherhood.

Discovering ways to control your moods or anxiety throughout the day might also help you prepare whatever issues may be reason fearsome dreams.

Common types of pregnancy dreams

More vivid dreams

Some people usually have vivid dreams during deep sleep. This can involve dreams with powerful, strong emotions and explicit imagery, and these dreams may look like the events are indeed happening.

But while vivid dreams can happen in anyone, pregnancy seems to spark more of these dreams. Rather than fuzzy images, you can hardly piece together; these dreams look like real life. You may wake from these dreams requiring a moment to distinguish between the dream and reality.

Pregnancy or motherhood-related dreams

Carrying a baby is something you think about continuously every day, so it’s not unusual that those thoughts occur while you sleep. This can involve dreams about your baby already being born or dreams of holding your baby.

Anxiety dreams

Don’t be startled if you have anxiety-based dreams, too.

Preparing for a baby needs your time and energy, also as excited as you are, you may also be worried.

Dreams can give insight into some of your most significant worries and anxieties. This could be anxieties about finances, balancing a newborn and other children, and proceeding to work with a young. You might even have to worry about labor and delivery.


In the same way, you can have happy and exciting dreams during pregnancy, and there’s also the possibility of having nightmares during pregnancy.

Pregnancy nightmares aren’t surprising, and your emotions usually trigger these. This could be worry or anxiety about labor and delivery, or something terrible happening to the baby.

These nightmares can take many forms. You might dream of losing your baby. If you’ve had a miscarriage before, you may have dreams about this occurring again.

Easier to recall dreams

During pregnancy, it may be easier to remember some of your dreams. Before pregnancy, maybe you had difficulty remembering your dreams in the morning. You might have even been assured that you don’t even dream at all.

Sleep tips

  • Stop having spicy, acidic, or fried foods that may create sleep-interrupting heartburn.
  • Stay hydrated during the day, but don’t drink liquids close to bedtime.
  • Exercise daily to stay healthy, promote healthy circulation, and to avoid leg cramps.
  • Try using pregnancy pillows to gain the most comfortable position possible while sleeping.